A Visual Building Update

A (visual) construction update


We thought we’d share a little bit about what’s happening at Zion on the construction front –



This is a picture of a sidewalk leading from the gazebo to the parking lot in front of Church 3.  After some delays, we have sidewalks in the parking lot in front of Church 3!


We also have curbs installed!


Light Post

I know this isn’t the original meaning of the quote, but I’ll still use it… “Let there be light!”  We have light poles installed in the parking lot in front of Church 3.  These light poles are LED light poles and use much less energy than our previous light poles.


Bike Rack

One of the things we are required to do by the city of San Antonio is to have a bike rack on the property.  We asked for a variance because of our location and the lack of bicycle traffic, but we were not granted one.  This is the landing for the bike rack that will be installed soon.



Do you see the white material on the outside wall with the writing on it?  It’s called Tyvek and is a waterproofing product.  Church 3 and the Administration building are wrapped with this because it’s a water and air barrier that will prevent future moisture damage and keep our building energy efficient.  By the end of August, the limestone should be returning around the exterior of the building.


Julie and Martha Office

Work continues on the fire sprinkler system in Church 3 and the administration wing.  When the building was built in the late 1980’s we were not required to have fire sprinklers.  Now we do, so we are getting them installed.  Here’s a picture of Julie and Martha’s office.

As always, we are so thankful for the many ways you have been a resilient, adventurous, and generous people.  God’s blessings be with you!