After the storm…

Last night was one heck of a storm on our side of town.  I was amazed to see the pictures people were posting on social media last night.  Texas-sized hail pummeled our community!

First things first – we hope you and your things are ok.  As Christians, we have a calling to love our neighbors as ourselves, so we want to invite you to check on your friends and neighbors and make sure they are ok as well.

We thought we’d briefly update you on what’s happened at the church.  Last night we did sustain some storm damage.  Our facilities manager, David Blank, reports that approximately 10 windows in the education building behind Church 2 were broken because of the hail damage.  He has been busy making temporary repairs to the windows today while we put in a call to our insurance company.  A quick inspection of other parts of the church facilities don’t seem to indicate any major damage.

It looks like the construction site and equipment did pretty well.  Our construction workers were out on the job site this morning cleaning up debris and making sure everything is ok.

See you on Sunday as we continue to celebrate Resurrection joy!!