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Teaching the Faith

Today’s blog is written by our Director of Christian Education, Karen Stein. Teach Faith Formation Classes (aka Sunday School) – Who Me? What, you want me to teach Sunday school? I am not cool enough or young enough for kids to relate to me. I am too young and am not wise enough to teach […]

Preparing for Worship

As you prepare for worship tomorrow morning, we thought we’d share with you a little bit about our bulletin cover.  It’s a beautiful picture from the Hubble Telescope in a distant galaxy called NGC 1569. (http://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/goddard/2016/hubble-hotbed-of-vigorous-star-formation) This particular galaxy is interesting because it’s “busting at the seams with stars” and keeps producing stars at an […]

South Dakota

Today’s guest author is Ryan Wilburn, one of our youth participants on the South Dakota mission trip. When people asked me where I was going for my youth mission trip this summer, I told them what I knew, that we would be helping out on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. I had it in […]

The Adventure Continues, Part 3

In the previous posts, we shared information about what we know about Church #3 and how that impacts the rest of the construction project. Let’s look ahead to what’s coming – 1. Scaffolding is going up around the sanctuary and administration building.  It will take several weeks for the scaffolding to go up. 2. One of […]