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The Extravaganza!

Today’s post is written by Travis Baker, our Youth Minister. Each year, over the last weekend of January, Youth Ministers and volunteers across the ELCA come together in one place to think, discuss and reflect on our various congregational contexts and what it looks like to work with children, youth and families. This year, over […]

Well Begun

In the words of the inimitable Mary Poppins, “Well begun is half done.” Our Connect * Give * Grow campaign has, indeed, been well-begun! During the active part of the campaign itself, we met or exceeded all expectations for involvement in activities and pledges. And now, at just six months into a 3-year commitment, contributions […]

Website, Part 2 (By the Numbers)

Hi again, everyone… I thought I’d include a little bit more about our website and how it’s being used. Like many websites, we have programs that help us track how people are using it.  Having this information greatly helps us as we maintain this website.  So – without delay, here is a little bit about […]


I grew up in South Carolina, where a lot of old houses had beautiful front porches.  Those front porches were visiting places where people could visit and get to know others.  It is a place of hospitality.  I look at our website as a kind of front porch. Back this fall we introduced this new […]

Day by Day

Here’s the prayer of the day for Sunday.  See if you recognize any of the words… “Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus Christ, most merciful redeemer, for the countless blessings and benefits you give. May we know you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly, day by day praising you, with […]


First of all, welcome to our blog!  We plan on updating you on things that are going on at Zion by using this blog on an occasional basis. Now onto the main reason for writing this blog – Thanks! The Advent and Christmas seasons are two of the busiest seasons of the church year. While […]