Epiphany Building Update, Part 2

Yesterday I shared an update on some of what’s going on with our construction.  Today I’d like to share an update on an important step we announced in worship last Sunday.

As you remember, we made the difficult decision to stop construction on the new education building because of a significant unbudgeted repair in Church #3 that we didn’t find out about until we began renovations.  The savings from stopping the new education building provided a way for us to move forward.

The church’s leadership takes a close look at the finances and after several long conversations, we asked if it was possible for us to enclose the gazebo and build the office spaces.  Here are the advantages:

  1. It gives us an entrance from the 1604 side.  We regularly have visitors come to the doors nearest the gazebo who park on the 1604 side.
  2. The gazebo becomes another hospitality space we can use.  We love that space so much and hope that it becomes a great gathering space throughout the week and on Sunday mornings.
  3. Once construction is completed we will gain four new classroom and meeting spaces.
  4. While it doesn’t get us into all the new education building, it gets us into part of the education building.

Our contractor and architect came back with a price to complete the work.  It was more than what we had hoped.  This was because we are getting bids in 2017 (when we did the bid process the first time it was 2015 and the cost for things doesn’t go down, it goes up) and for a few other reasons.

Even though that’s not what we had hoped for, the good news is that all of this (including some unexpected expensive things) will have to be done someday, so if we do it in 2017, we will pay less than what it will cost us in the future.

Our building team met to discuss the proposal with the architects and our treasurer informed us that because of your generous contributions to the building fund, memorials given in memory of loved ones, cost savings on the current project, and contingencies from the construction, we are able to afford this project without asking to borrow any additional funds from our lender.  So… come the end of April, we’ll have an enclosed gazebo and three new office spaces!

If you have any questions about this, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Russell


Loop 1604 Construction

Loop 1604 is under construction! Every day I see and hear the tractors and trucks working on 1604 and Braun. I need to share with you very important information about a road closure at Loop 1604 and Braun May 30-31 (Saturday and Sunday). Braun Road will be closed at 1604 while the contractor lays the beams that will eventually become the overpass at Braun Road and 1604.

A few details:
-I spoke with the deputy project manager from the construction firm handling this project. They had originally scheduled the road to close this weekend (May 16/17) but have changed weekends to May 30/31.

-If you cross Braun Road/1604 to get to the church, there are two detours TxDot is suggesting from their blog:
“We know the biggest movement will be the eastbound movement headed to the northbound Loop 1604 lanes (like you’re coming from FM 1560 and headed to Bandera Road). In order to do that, with the intersection closed, traffic will have to go all the way passed Shaenfield Road to turn around and head on your way….

Those coming from the Braun Heights area and headed south on Loop 1604 (like you’re going to Sea World) will need only to go to Bandera Road and turn around.”

We will do our best to promptly inform the congregation about Loop 1604 construction as soon as we hear anything!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Russell