Easter Thanks!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Yesterday the church office was closed so we could rest after a very busy Holy Week.

As you can imagine, Holy Week and Easter doesn’t just happen. It takes lots of planning and work so we can gather to celebrate the resurrected Christ with beauty and dignity.

So with that, we want to lift up these things and people that helped to make Holy Week and Easter so meaningful.

Altar Guild – Ever wonder who fills all those communion cups on Sunday mornings?  That would be our altar guild.  They are one of the important “behind the scenes” groups that makes worship run smoothly.
Brass Group – It was great to hear the brass playing on Easter Sunday!
Choirs – Their musical leadership adds so much to our worship.
Drama Ministry – Godspell was wonderful on Saturday night! It was a wonderful way to hear the story of Jesus.
Easter Egg Hunt – We love seeing our children here at Church.  Thanks to everyone who made that day such a blessing.
Floral Guild – They worked to make our worship space filled with beauty. We loved seeing many of the pictures of people around the floral cross on social media.
God – Of course, we’re going to thank God! It is by God’s mercy that we are able to gather.
Holy Week in Church #1 – Thanks to those who came out to worship with us on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Holy Week.
Iridescent glow off of Pastor Dave’s head. He was sure having fun!
Jimmy Hoffa – that’s the nickname we gave to the copier that runs all the church publications. We’re very thankful for copiers!
Kindness – We are in the midst of a year of adventure at Zion.  One of the things we noticed is that we have a
Lectors – Thank you for taking time to practice your readings and to proclaim the Word of God in worship.
Men’s Ministry – They met on Holy Saturday for their monthly prayer breakfast. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of prayer during this time.
Nursery Staff – We have three of the best nursery caregivers!  Thanks Mrs. Connie, Mrs. Laura, and Ms. Katie for taking such wonderful care of our young children.
Office Staff – There are lots of behind the scenes sorts of stuff that has to happen. Our office staff handles it wonderfully and makes it look easy!
Program Staff – Easter Egg hunts on Palm Sunday, choirs that sing throughout Holy Week, a drama ministry production…. Our program staff is a blessing to this church!
Quietness – God uses quiet to speak to us.  We had several chances for extended silence in our worship.
Resurrection – It’s all about resurrection!  Jesus’ first and foremost; and because of Jesus, ours.
Sound Team – We keep hearing that you can hear in the FLC. We’re glad! That happens because of the sound team.
The Amiable Assemblers – (Ok – this one is a little bit of cheating!) This is a good group of folks that come up to put together your bulletins. They joyfully put in extra time during Holy Week stuffing all those extra bulletins.
Ushers – They are the first line of people to welcome people to Zion. We give God thanks for their hospitality
Video Team – We didn’t know how many people would be here, so we asked them to broadcast a closed circuit video to Room 101 for overflow. The good news is that we now have this technology and we can use it in the future when we need to.
Worship Leaders – Each worship service had lots of people helping as communion assistants, acolytes, and other important roles.
X – We still can’t think of anything that starts with an “X” in this place.  Anyone want to start a ministry with that title?
You! – It takes all of us to make ministry happen in this place.
Z – as in zzz’s… The pastors and staff are thankful for getting a few extra zzz’s after Easter Sunday is over.