February Construction Update

Hello from Zion!  Things continue to move along with our construction projects here at the church.  If you come up here during the week, you’ll see workers doing all sorts of stuff.  Rather than writing about what’s been happening, I thought I’d share some pictures with some information.



Those trenches have our plumbing and electrical lines in them.

Building Team 2

It’s important to make sure the base is packed tightly.  I’ll think about this picture the next time I read Jesus saying something about building things on a solid foundation!! (Matthew 7:24-27).




Today (Friday), we saw some concrete trucks on campus.  Before the pipes buried underground, they are sealed in concrete and then the dirt is tightly packed on top of them.


There used to be a wall there!  Part of the walls to the stairwells were removed this week.  We did this to help bring attention to the stairwells so people who can will be able to use the balcony more often.

Building Team 1

Do you recognize where the light switch was?