July 2017 Building Update, Part 2

Yesterday I talked about the new office spaces and the gazebo.  We are close to being able to move into those spaces.  Click this link to see yesterday’s post.

Today I want to talk about our sanctuary.  Some of us are calling the sanctuary Church 3.5 because it’s not a new sanctuary (i.e. a Church 4), but it’s a significant renovation and needs to be marked in some way.  So for right now I’ll call it Church 3.5.

There were two parts to the renovations to Church 3.5.  The first was the renovations and construction in the sanctuary.  This included everything like replacing the lights, installing the fire sprinkler system, changing the carpet, remodeling the sacristy, reconstructing the altar and music areas, and everything else that’s been remodeled and brought up to code.  (This, of course, doesn’t include the surprise we found early in the construction).   That part of the project is almost complete.

The second part is the project is the organ.  We’re working with our organ builder, John Dill, on that portion of the project.  Mr. Dill is usually at Zion Tuesday-Friday with his crew.  The last several weeks he has worked from his house in the DFW area building needed items for the installation.

Installing a pipe organ is a highly specialized skill that takes lots of time and effort.  Each individual pipe (there are several thousand of them in our organ) has to be securely, but delicately, put in the proper place.  That way the correct note and sound comes out of the organ.

The next step is the most meticulous of the process.  An organ must be properly voiced so that the right tone and volume comes out of the organ.  Each individual pipe has to be properly voiced so that all the notes can come together in a beautiful sound.

So – we’re in the homestretch, brothers and sisters!  Let’s give God thanks for this adventure and pray that our transition out of the FLC later this summer into Church 3.5 is a smooth one!