July 2017 Building Update

Happy July, everyone!

I’ve been asked by a few people what’s going on with construction and haven’t posted anything in a while. Sorry for the delay! Here’s what’s going on in the new office spaces and gazebo:

The new office spaces are almost ready to be occupied. Our contractor has worked with our sub-contractors on getting items on the “punch list” done. It’s a bit like going through a building with a fine tooth comb. Everything (and yes, I do mean everything!) is looked at carefully and if there’s anything that needs to be fixed or adjusted, it is. Once that happens, the building is inspected again and is given the all clear.

There are also two important pieces of the paper we need to legally occupy the new space. The first is called a Certificate of Occupancy. It is a document from the City of San Antonio saying that the building is in compliance with current building codes and is ready to have people in it and to be used for what it was designed for.

The second piece of paper is something called a Certificate of Substantial Completion. This piece of paper is from the architect saying that the construction is finished according to the plans and that it is ready to be used. They get letters from people like structural engineers saying that the building is structurally sound, as well as others who have worked on the project.

Because this involves so many different companies, governmental agencies, and people, it takes time to coordinate all the details. We are very close to having both certificates for the new offices, but a few more administrative details tied up before we can officially move into the space.

Once we can occupy these new office space and gazebo, there’s one more detail that needs to be finished. It is our responsibility to run telephone and Internet cables in the new office space. We have pipes behind the walls called conduit that will carry the phone and Internet lines throughout the building, but they don’t have any cable in them yet. Those cables will be one of the first things that will be installed in the new building once we have the Certificates of Substantial Completion and Occupancy.

So…. After the certificates and cables, four staff members will move furniture, office equipment, books, and all the other stuff they have in their old offices into new offices – Julie and Martha will be next to the gazebo. Travis and Karen will move from the upstairs of the FLC to their new offices.

Tomorrow I’ll have some information about our renovated sanctuary.