More Building Adventures! Part 2

Yesterday we shared an important post about the installation of the fire sprinkler system.  Today we want to share with you some more important information about as well as answer a few frequently asked questions.

As we said in a z-mail to the congregation yesterday, it’s now time for us to stop using the Narthex doors as our main entrance.  Please use the 1604 entrance outside the conference room.  If you require assistance (i.e. wheel chair or other assistance entering the church office), please call the church office first.

And now onto some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. When will the parking lot in front of Church #3 be open again?
A. This is the question we are getting asked most frequently. The short answer is that it will be a couple of months. Our contractor has advised us to wait to pave the parking lot until heavy trucks are no longer needed in that parking lot. If we were to go ahead and pave the parking lot now, trucks would be coming in and out of the parking lot, potentially causing damage to the asphalt and we would have to pay to have the parking lot paved again.

Q. I wasn’t at the June 26 congregational meeting. What did we vote on?
A. We voted to approve a modified Phase I of the construction that shells in the exterior of the education building, renovates the sanctuary, and fixes the water damage to Church #3 and administration offices.  We also authorized the congregation council to secure any additional financing through Mission Investment Fund to pay for this remediation.  We are hopeful that through your generosity, we will not have to take out any additional loans.

Q. When will we get back into the sanctuary?
A.  It looks like we will get into the sanctuary in the late Spring of 2017.  As we have more information we will share that with the congregation.

Q. What’s happening to the limestone on the exterior?  I see piles of it on the ground and I thought we were re-using the limestone.
A.  Two things:

  1. We are reusing as much of the limestone as we can.  The limestone has mortar in between each piece and has to be removed with some force.  Some pieces of limestone will be cracked as they are removed, but the overwhelming majority of limestone will be reused.
  2. Just because the limestone is on the ground doesn’t mean that it won’t be reused.  Each piece of limestone has to be organized and put on a pallet, so that takes some time to do properly.

Yours in this Adventure,