More Building Adventures!

When we first began talking about the first phase of construction, we knew we had to make several changes to meet current city building codes that weren’t in existence in the late 1980’s when Church #3 was built. An example we’re now living with is the parking lot outside Church #3. The city of San Antonio requires a whole host of things for a parking lot to be used.  (File that under the category “something I didn’t learn in seminary!”)

Another thing we knew we would have to do is to add a fire sprinkler system in the Sanctuary and Administration Wing. We knew that pastors and staff would have to be out of the building while that is installed. The one thing we didn’t know is when that would happen.

We found out recently that it is time for the fire sprinkler system to be installed. This portion of the project will begin Tuesday, July 19. Our construction superintendent has informed us that it will take approximately 2 months to install the sprinkler system.

Here’s what this means:
-The church office will move to the Fellowship Hall on Monday, July 18 for the next few months. Because we will be moving and setting up our new office space, we will have limited phone and email access on that day.  Leave us a message on our voice mail system or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
-Julie Rode-Hickey will be working from home during this time and will be in the office on an as needed basis. The best way to contact her for newsletter and bulletin items will be by email (
-All parts of the administration wing of Church #3 (conference room, restrooms, old nursery, and pastors’ and staff offices) will be off limits starting July 19. Please do not enter into this construction zone until after the fire sprinkler system is installed.
-All regularly scheduled activities in the Fellowship Hall, Conference Room, and Old Nursery will need to be temporarily moved to different locations on campus. If you lead one of these ministries and haven’t been contacted, please contact Pastor Russell (

Yours in this Adventure,