Parking Update


As we announced in worship on April 3, the parking lot in front of Church #3 is closed.  We continue to ask that you have a spirit of adventure and generosity throughout construction.  As a reminder, we had to do this once we started any construction in order to be in compliance with current city building codes.  Our new parking lot will be much nicer once it is done, but in the midst of construction we will have to deal with some inconveniences.


A few helpful hints to navigate our time without part of our parking:

-Handicap parking that was on the front row nearest the Fellowship Hall has now moved to two places:

-The corner of the FLC nearest Braun and Leslie Roads AND


-Several spaces on Leslie Road directly across from the Fellowship Hall.  The non-handicap spaces can be used if you have mobility issues and are coming to the Fellowship Hall.



-If you are more able bodied, consider parking on Sundays in the grass in front of Cemetery #2 to reserve more prime parking spaces for those with mobility issues.


-The owners of the vacant lot across from the Fellowship Hall have graciously agreed to let us park there.  If you park there on Sundays, please cross with the assistance of the police officer at the designated crossing point.  If you park there at other times, please utilize extreme caution when crossing the street.  We have had several close calls with oncoming traffic and want to keep everyone safe!


-There is plenty of parking near Church #2.  On Sundays, please cross at the designated crosswalk with the assistance of the police officer for your safety.  During the week, please exercise extreme caution when crossing Leslie Road.


-We now have a designated, paved walkway near Leslie Road that connects the lower parking lot near Cemetery 2 and the sidewalk near the Fellowship Hall.

-There are plenty of parking spaces on the 1604 side.

During the Week:  

Zion is a busy church throughout the week, so we know that there are several people that come to the church during the week.  Here are some additional helpful hints:


-If you are coming to the Church Office during the week, you can park in the lower parking lot nearest Cemetery #2.  There are some stairs and a sidewalk that will lead to Church #3’s Narthex.

-If you cannot navigate the stairs and you need to come to the church office, you can park on the 1604 side and enter through the Conference Room.

As always, we will continue to keep you informed with construction updates.  We continue to live with a sense of adventure and thank God for giving us generous spirits throughout our time of construction… Until next time!