Preparing for Worship

As you prepare for worship tomorrow morning, we thought we’d share with you a little bit about our bulletin cover.  It’s a beautiful picture from the Hubble Telescope in a distant galaxy called NGC 1569.

This particular galaxy is interesting because it’s “busting at the seams with stars” and keeps producing stars at an astonishing speed.  So, why did we pick this picture?
In our first reading this Sunday, Abraham is talking with God and is wondering how he and his elderly wife, Sarah, will have descendants.  God tells Abraham to count the stars in the sky, if he can.  Of course, Abraham can’t and he gets God’s point that one day there will be lots of Abraham’s sons and daughters.  Because of Jesus, God raises up children of Abraham in the church.
In Abraham’s day, there was no Hubble Telescope for humans to explore the vastness of the cosmos.  So as we hear these words on Sunday, we hope you’ll think about how the stars in the universe continue to grow, just as Abraham’s descendants do.