School Supplies and Canned Fruit

Part of our mission as Zion Lutheran Church is to serve God’s people, especially the most vulnerable in our community.  We do that in a lot of different ways here at Zion.  For instance, we have this great connection with our friends at Taking it to the Streets, which provides food for the homeless in downtown.  You should come the next time we do this!

Late last week we received an email from our friends at Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) saying that they are in desperate need of canned fruit and plastic children’s hangers.  We’ve been long-term  partners with our friends at CAM and have people at Zion that volunteer in a variety of ways there.  Thanks to your generosity, we had several people that brought in canned fruit that will help feed the hungry in San Antonio.  We will continue to collect fruit and hangers and will take them to CAM.

Our Women of Zion (WOZ) are in the middle of a great service project.  They are partnering to provide school kits to children across the world.  Our goal is to collect enough supplies for 150 school supply kits.

So far we’ve collected:
530 black and blue pens
100 rulers
124 boxes of crayons
118 scissors
185 erasers
115 pencil sharpeners
262 spiral notebooks
1305 pencils

We still need:
220 black or blue ink pens
50 more rulers
26 more boxes of crayons (16 or 24 count)
32 more scissors
35 more pencil sharpeners
338 70-page spiral notebooks (note: they are currently on sale for .17 at HEB and WalMart)

Can you help? For more information, stop by the WOZ table in the narthex or call the church office for more information.

As always, thanks for the many ways you seek to be a blessing to others!!