Sept. 1 Building Update

Here’s a visual update on what’s happening with some of our construction.


Corner Stone

The limestone is starting to go back up!  We had to remove the cornerstone on Church #3 to make the necessary repairs.  It is installed and you can see the first pieces of limestone to the left and right of it.  Yay!!

Sanctuary Interior

Work continues on the sanctuary.  This is a picture from under the large stained glass in the sanctuary looking towards the balcony.  Notice how the back wall has changed significantly.  The holes in the wall are where the glass will be.  Also, notice that the back wall of the sanctuary, which was not straight, has now been straightened out.  This will add some additional seating on the main floor of the sanctuary.



Here’s a picture of the wall between the narthex and the sanctuary.  On the left side of the picture are the center doors into the sanctuary.


Here’s a picture of the narthex from the admin wing of Church #3.  You’ll notice that the wall is flat and has less glass in it.  This will help with the acoustics in the sanctuary.  I really like the niches that will be at the end of each side of the narthex.


Fire Sprinkler 1

One of the things we are required to do is install a fire sprinkler system throughout the whole building.  Here are the pipes for the sanctuary.  Our contractor had them painted to match the wood ceiling in the sanctuary so it will blend in with the building as much as possible.


Fire Sprinkler 2

Here’s another shot of the fire sprinkler in the nursery.  It’s the black pipe running through the picture.  The fire line will be covered by the ceiling tiles (except for the sprinkler head) in the rest of the building, so there was no need to paint those.

As a gentle reminder, this area is still strictly off limits during construction.  We know that a lot of you want to get into the space and see it, but it’s just not safe for us to get in there right now.

If you have any questions, you are certainly welcome to ask either of the Pastors or Don Josephson, our building team chair.

Pastor Russell