Teaching the Faith

Today’s blog is written by our Director of Christian Education, Karen Stein.

Teach Faith Formation Classes (aka Sunday School) – Who Me?

What, you want me to teach Sunday school? I am not cool enough or young enough for kids to relate to me. I am too young and am not wise enough to teach kids effectively. I can’t keep kids entertained and I know our church surely doesn’t have enough money in the budget to produce an awesome multimedia presentation each week. So see I can’t teach!

But WAIT, maybe it is okay if you don’t have to have all those “things” to be a good teacher. Children are looking for someone who cares, knows their name, encourages them and makes them feel like they are important. They also need someone who is reliable. Above all, children need someone who loves God, is willing to tell them about him and share his love with them.
Yes, it does take commitment on your part to teach but with prayer, practice and some planning you can do it. You will plant seeds of faith and make a difference in children’s lives.

Teachers are still needed for Kindergarten, Second Grade and Fourth Grade. Questions or you want more information? Call (688-3090), e-mail (kstein@zionsa.org) or text (210-367-4449).