The Adventure Begins, Part 2

We need to give you some important updates about what’s happening at Zion. As we said yesterday, we invite you to see everything that happens next week as a way for us to practice generosity with each other and see this as an adventure.

Here are the major things that will happen over the next few days:
-The portables next to Church #3 are being moved this Friday and Saturday. One of the portables will be going off church property while another will be moved next to the Music Apse for church use.

-The construction zone will be marked off the week of November 16 with temporary safety fences. There are two areas that are off limits and will require us to adjust accordingly.
-The first area is at the corner of the property adjacent to the Church of Christ. The parking spaces on the 1604 side of the Pump House and the lawn next to it will have the construction trailer and storage for construction supplies.
-The other, larger area is in the middle of the church property. It includes the area around the gazebo, an edge of the FLC on the 1604 side, and much of the lawn on the 1604 side.

Campus Map
The highlighted areas in yellow will be fenced off starting the week of November 16.

Again, it is important to remember that these areas are off limits, even on Sunday mornings or other times when construction workers aren’t present.