The Gates

Hi everyone!

It’s been a busy few days at Zion.  Here are a few pictures of the changes that have taken place.


*The construction trailer has been delivered and is at the corner of our property near the Church of Christ and 1604.  It occupies several parking spaces next to the pump house.


Construction Pictures

A few things to notice:

*On the left side of the picture you’ll notice an area of the ground that is being prepared for a sidewalk.  This will tie into existing sidewalks so people can access the conference room door while the church is open.

*The trailers have been moved.  One has moved next to the Music Apse and will be used for storage.  The other one is in our parking lot and will be taken off site soon.


*The safety fence around the construction zone is almost complete.  As a reminder, this now means that the Gazebo is now closed until construction is finished.  If you wish to enter Church #3 (the Sanctuary), you can use the narthex entrance on the Leslie Road side or the conference room entrance on the 1604 side.

Yours in this adventure!!

Pastor Russell