This Week at Zion…

Here’s a visual update on what’s been happening since we last posted:


Limestone is going back up!!  This is from the south side of the sanctuary (closest to Cemetery 2.)  Right now the stone masons are currently working on the south and west sides (the side facing Leslie Road).


The south parking lot exit from Leslie Road is open.  While the upper parking lots remains closed, the lower parking lot near Cemetery 2 is open.


This is a picture of workers installing the fire sprinkler system in the sanctuary that we are now required to have.



A few things to notice about this shot of the sanctuary from the balcony:

-At the bottom of the picture is the new location of the sound booth.  One of the acoustical issues we had was that the sound booth was in a difficult place to judge the acoustics of the room.  This change in location will help the sound team with figuring out how much to amplify the room.

-The large stained glass window is still being worked on and will be reinstalled at a later date.

-You can begin to see how the shape of the room will be different when we get back into the sanctuary.  This will also help improve the acoustics of the sanctuary.

-The trapezoids on both sides of the sanctuary will be built up over the next several months.  That will be where the pipes for our new pipe organ will be residing.



We heard several comments about the cemeteries being in need of mowing.   Since several of you asked what was going on, we thought we’d let you know.

If you live in the San Antonio area, you might know that we’ve had nearly double the rain we usually have.  That’s been great for recharging the Edwards Aquifer but it also means that grass grows pretty quickly.  We noticed that the cemetery was in need of mowing and we called the company that we contract with and they have been very busy cutting the grass of quickly growing properties across the city.  The rain caused them to be backed up with all their other work, followed by the Labor Day Holiday, it took a little bit of time to get done.  They weren’t able to come out any earlier than our normal scheduled time, but they did come out on time.