At this year’s congregation meeting we announced that we were blessed with two substantial estate gifts from Anna Tate as well as James and Sue Revier.  Their generosity as they remembered Zion in their estate planning has been a tremendous blessing for this congregation.

Because of the amount of the Tate estate, the congregation’s constitution required approval from the congregation on how to spend the proceeds.  After thoughtful deliberation, the Congregation Council decided to use the Tate Estate gift in the following ways:

10% of the proceeds would be sent as a tithe to the Southwestern Synod, ELCA.
20% of the proceeds would be put into our general reserve account.
70% of the proceeds would be used for campus improvements and deferred campus maintenance.

Staff and council have identified several first step projects with this money.  Here’s a picture of what’s been going on today.

We are blessed with over 100 beautiful, historic oak trees on our church property.  These trees must be maintained every several years with pruning and other maintenance so they can be around for future generations.  This is a costly and time consuming process that we don’t include in our yearly spending plan that was paid through the Tate estate proceeds.

Council and staff are working diligently to spend these gifts wisely, so many of the projects that we will be undertaking will happen over the next several months.  We will keep you updated on how the rest of the proceeds are spent.