Website, Part 2 (By the Numbers)

Hi again, everyone…

I thought I’d include a little bit more about our website and how it’s being used. Like many websites, we have programs that help us track how people are using it.  Having this information greatly helps us as we maintain this website.  So – without delay, here is a little bit about our website by the numbers…

-In December 2014 we had 3,770 people that viewed In January we’ve had almost 2,200 people visit our site.
-The most commonly clicked page from our homepage is the “Location and Service Times” button.
-The second most common clicked page from our homepages is the “Newsletter” button.
-In the last 30 days, 58 people have clicked the “In Need of Help?” link.
-595 people wanted to find out more information about Advent and Christmas at Zion.
-Yesterday (1/22/2015), 16 people found us through search engines, 9 found us through Facebook, and 2 found us through the
-In the last 30 days, 215 people have clicked on our online calendar, 44 people have gone from our website to our YouTube channel, and 6 people clicked from our website to our online donation vendor.

So there’s a little bit about the numbers at Zion… Have a great weekend and see you in worship on Sunday!!