Special Worship Services

Our two Sunday services are similar to each other in their flow, and both incorporate a variety of liturgical words and actions. Members of Zion’s music ministry often provide worship support through different groups and soloists. Other volunteers support our worship life through welcoming people, answering questions, and by serving both behind-the-scenes and up in front of the congregation.

Our in-person worship includes the Sacrament of Holy Communion at both services every Sunday. We practice open communion, meaning that we welcome everyone to the Lord’s table. If you’re not sure about receiving communion just yet, you’re welcome to come forward and the pastor will say a blessing instead, or you can remain in your seat for prayer and singing.

Zion’s Sunday congregation is a varied collection of people from different walks of life. Some are here in jeans, others are in their Sunday best, and many are in between. We encourage children to be present with their families in worship so that they can learn about God’s love for them and how to worship God through word and sacrament, song and prayer.

Along with millions of Christians around the world, we follow what is called the Revised Common Lectionary (or RCL). The RCL guides us through the different seasons of our church year – seasons which are reflected in our liturgy but also visually within the worship space. The RCL also provides an extensive list of Scripture readings we read during worship, and which form the foundation for our pastors’ sermons.